Alessandro Maria Balice
Alessandro Maria BaliceCEO & Marketing Stuff
Friends normally call him Bax. He defines himself as “Creative Markethinker”. Serial Punner, self-deprecating and great traveler, with experiences in Netherlands and China. His short game skills in golf are still legend. Time to focus on trips now!
Kathrine Shegoleva
Kathrine ShegolevaService Designer – UX / UI
A service designer with a motto: user is the base! Always busy looking for the things to update and make better. In passion with systems, post-its and our favorite users.
Edoardo Foco
Edoardo FocoBackend Developer
Software Engineer and kitesurfing junkie. A code monkey with a lot of experience in enterprise cloud architecture. Usually organizes his trips based on the wind direction, though he will compromise if cave diving is involved!


Imre Kaszab
Imre KaszabAndroid Developer
Ksenia Razumeyko
Ksenia RazumeykoProject Manager
Rodolfo Salemi
Rodolfo SalemiAffiliation Manager
Peter Mercse
Peter MercseiOS Developer
Tommaso Pischiutta
Tommaso PischiuttaiOS Developer
Francesco Scovacricchi
Francesco ScovacricchiGraphic Designer
Claudia Di Tullio
Claudia Di TullioMarket Research Manager
Carlo Treu
Carlo TreuProject Manager
Lorenzo Sogliani
Lorenzo SoglianiAndroid Developer
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