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Have you ever had in mind the perfect trip, the perfect destination, the perfect adventure, the perfect time and the perfect people for you? Sometimes it is very hard, if not impossible to combine all these together and create the perfect mix to start an unforgettable adventure. But what is the real added value of all our adventures? Is it the (amazing) destination, is it the company or is it the experience itself of traveling? There are certainly no right or wrong answers, but let’s dive deep into what OUR thoughts are and what we are trying to accomplish with this community.

Why Trip in Touch?

Everybody knows what Keep in Touch means, right? Since we can define ourselves as pretty creative with puns and we like to play around with words, we decided to find a name that reflected exactly the purpose of our project: to connect with others while traveling and establish new positive relationships.

The thing is, we didn’t want to force anyone to find travel buddies for the whole trip. There are still people who prefer to travel solo because they find it more inspiring or simply because they like to do so. In our case though, we found out that even solo travelers sometimes need or want company for a short part of their trip or for a few moments during their journey. That’s why we created the “Categories“, that you will directly discover in the app itself – We should not say too much here, otherwise where is the surprise? 😉  

Working on the App

If you subscribed already, just so you know, we were very thankful about it! It is important to be surrounded by people who share the same interests and who also believe in what we are doing. We are aware of the fact that there are already other Travel Apps that kinda look like ours, but we are working very hard to make one that really meets all our needs. We would like to have a different “touch” and a more direct approach with all the TripinTouchers!

Our App will be released soon, that’s a sure thing now! We just need to deal with the last details and we just want to share our transparency. That’s what we will always do.

We are a group of ordinary guys and big travelers as well, so in case you notice any bugs or have any possible feedback, feel free to share it with us! The first release will be a very simple one, with basic functions, but you will see a more complete and interactive App in the near future. So stay tuned and have fun for now 🙂

Ok but what now, if the App is not ready yet?

We thought about it, no worries!

If you check our Facebook Page, you will notice on the sidebar on the left “Find Travel Buddies“. All you have to do is click there and find the right group for you, or simply suggest one in a message! We could not set it for the whole World (yet), but there are a bunch of different groups now that can help you! 😀 

We hope to see you soon and we wish you a safe journey, wherever your heart is taking you 🙂

In the meantime, if you’d like to support us, you can spread the word or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Vkontakte.

Let’s Trip in Touch!

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